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Growing Pains Cardiff

‘Growing Pains’ is a tour that is happening up and down the country, it features four YA (Young Adult) authors who talk about their books and do a signing afterwards. The authors and their books featured on this tour are:

Laura Dockrill – Lorali

Image result for lorali book

Claire Hennessy – Nothing Tastes As Good

Image result for nothing taste as good book

Julie Mayhew – Mother Tongue

Jess Vallance – The Yellow Room

Image result for The yellow room book

The event was hosted by BookTube star Sarah Churchill at Waterstones Cardiff.

The event itself was very interesting as were the authors. They talked about things from how they came to do writing to what research went into their books.

One of the things that was talked about was Ruth Graham, who is a novelist and an editor, that took to the pages of the New Republic to write an article about how adults should be ashamed if they read YA books. To which Claire Hennessy said “Reviews patronising teenagers makes me want to punch things.”

The signing itself was another highlight of the evening. The authors themselves were absolutely lovely and very nice to talk to.

Overall I loved the authors, I cannot wait to read their books and to go to another book event like this.


Sarah Churchill:

Laura Dockrill:

Claire Hennessy:

Julie Mayhew:

Jess Vallance:

Ruth Graham Artical:




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