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Coraline & Other Stories – Book Review

Coraline & Other Stories by Neil Gaiman is children’s horror story about a girl named Coraline who finds a doorway to another world which is much like her own but with something different added into the twist. It also features 10 short stories and 1 poem.

I absolutely loved the main character Coraline, she was very adventurous and brave, she is very much a role model for younger children who read this book. I also liked her other mother, she was a good villain and so cunning, she is one of those characters that does bad things but with a smile on her face.

My favourite thing about this story was where Coraline discovers the other world and thinks it’s that best thing she’s ever found until she realizes it’s an evil world and finds the courage to stand up to her other mother and escape. The shorts stories are amazing, I loved them all and the poem is creative.

The Coraline story itself is brilliant, a work of horror wonder. I felt myself getting chills and wanting to stay up and read some more but was too sacred just in case I would be too scared to sleep. The pictures in the book are a visual treat for the eyes and they also helps the reader imagine the characters as they read the spine tingling chapters.

Neil Gaiman never fails to entertain with this book, it is something that must not be left unread.

If you’re looking for a book to get you or your child into the spirit of Halloween or just want a good night-time scare before bed, this book is defiantly for you.





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