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The Wolf Among Us Vol 1 – Graphic Novel Review

Written by: Matthew Sturges, David Justus.

Art by: Travis Moore, Shawn McManus, Stephen Sadowski.

Cover by: Christina Anna Zullo.

Variant cover by: Tommy Lee Edwards.

The Wolf Among Us Vol 1 is a  graphic novel, based on the acclaimed Telltale Game of the same name and the fables graphic novel series. It follows famous fairy-tale characters living in our world with Sheriff Bigby Wolf (Big Bad Wolf) keeping them in check. When a murder of one of their own happens, it’s up to Bigby and Snow White to solve the crime before another happens.

I loved playing the video and the graphic novel very much follows the same story of the video game but with added scenes that makes it come to life even more. I loved finding out about more of Bigby past and each scene from that transitioning to the present and vice versa.

The characters are likeable in their own way but my favourite would have to be Bigby, he has a lot of wit and even he’s a wolf there is something very much human about him. I loved his relationship with Snow White, it was like friendship with something more there but both are scared to say anything. You could tell which character came from what fairy-tale in their characteristics and there are also some urban legends thrown into the mix.

The art style is very much like game and you could tell which character was from which fairy-tale from the way they were drawn. I loved the way past was coloured in browns and blacks. The details in each scene are amazing.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this Graphic Novel. Everything about it I loved it.

If you like Sherlock or your fairy tales, then this is a Graphic Novel for you.




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