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Michael Ball & Alfie Boe Together Tour – Review

Last night the magnificent musical theatre star Michael Ball and the talented tenor that is Alfie Boe, kicked off their together tour in Cardiff. I had the pleasure of seeing it and the show did not disappoint.

With Michael ball being a lyric baritone and Alfie Boe being a tenor, you may think that they’re voice won’t go together but they do and they’re voices compliant each other so well it’s as if they’re meant to sing together.

They sing the songs with such smoothness. My favourites were the three Elvis songs that they sang and their rendition of Christina Perri’s thousand years didn’t fail to bring tears to my eyes. They sing songs that suit everyone’s taste.

The chemistry between them is that real that I think in some other universe they are married. The banter between them is something like two naughty school boys. They also have the audience sing with them and get up to dance.

If you love good night out, this is the concert for you.

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe are tour until December 13th.

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