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The Full Monty UK Tour – Review

Don’t wait to get excited until the end. I had the pleasure of seeing the Full Monty Tour in Cardiff last night and it was the best piece of theatre I had ever seen. The story is heart-warming and funny and it isn’t all about stripping but about a father trying his best to have a relationship with his son. I loved how it focused on other characters’ stories as well and the relationships between them.

The humour is thigh slapping funny, that had me roaring from start to finish. At times, it’s very dirty and at other times it’s dark humour. The slapstick is hysterical and not over done like in some other plays I have seen.

The acting is at its best with the wonderful cast, they seem to bounce off each other and all seem very close to one another.

The dance routines are out of this world, my favourite was the job centre dance and the strip they do at the end drives the crowd wild. It never fails to amaze me at how in time they are with each other.

The show also has a very good soundtrack to go along with it, with songs from the film and from the 80s.

The set is very simple but it’s good at how they use it for different locations. One minute it was a job centre and the next it was their warehouse where they practice.



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