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Attachments – Book Review

Attachments is young adult romance book written by Rainbow Rowell. It’s set in 1999, Beth and Jennifer are two best friend who both work for a newspaper company and send e-mails to each other, Lincoln works nights at the same newspaper company and reads e-mails; He starts to read the e-mails of Beth and Jennifer and falls in love with one of them.

I have read two Rainbow Rowell books before this and I loved them and her writing style. This book is one of my favourites that she has written.

The characters are very likable and I love how Lincoln is described as looking like Harrison Ford instead of being stereotyped with big glasses, big teeth, the way that some authors describe people who are computer geeks.

I also like the way the chapters are written, I like how you can read the e-mails that Beth and Jennifer wrote and then read it in the next chapter from Lincoln’s point of view. I also love how Rainbow Rowell keeps you guessing on which woman Lincoln falling in love with because they both seem like his type.

One other thing I also love is from the blurb on the back it seems like Lincoln is a creep but when you read the book you root for him and hope that he does get the girl and you can see that even though he hasn’t met her, she’s changing him and she doesn’t even know it. I also love the back story Rainbow Rowell has given Lincoln, it works well.

So, as you probably see from reading this review, the book is amazing, I think everyone should read it not just young-adults. My advice to anyone reading this book would be to get 40 pages in and if you’re feeling it, don’t read. I was reading it and felt like it was going nowhere but I got to page 40 and found myself enjoying it.




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