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Sunny Afternoon


Rayn O’Donnell – Ray Davies

Mark Newnham – Dave Davies

Garham Rhys – Pete Quaife

Andrew Gallo – Mick Avory

I have been wanting to see Sunny Afternoon since I’ve seen the musicals performance at the 2015 Oliver’s awards. Then I heard it was closing in the West End and I thought that I had lost my chance to see it until it was announced that there would be UK Tour and then I had to go and see it. It was most defiantly worth the wait and didn’t disappoint me.

The musical is the story about 60s band, The Kinks, it follows their difficulties and them trying to break America while trying not to break the band up.

The story was very well acted even though I felt like it was a bit rushed. The tension between Ray Davies and his brother Dave Davies felt very real. The actors were amazing playing their roles and sounded like The Kinks.

For me I enjoyed the second act more than the first but I put that down to the fact that I find it takes me a while to get into something and for my brain to turn off.

I loved the fact that the actors actually played the instruments too, the stage was used very well. The acting was top of the class.

The only thing I didn’t like was the chorography distracted me sometimes, I did find the dancers during ‘You really got me’ sequence to be distracting. There was a bit at the start that was loud (but nothing about The Kinks is quiet.).

The set was simple and didn’t distract you. The atmosphere was very 60s concert like and the interacting with the audience is worth paying the extra to be in the stalls. The ending was just perfect and very feel good.

I would recommend this musical to anyone who is a fan of The Kinks, who was around when The Kinks were or if you like their music. It’s a must see and you must miss it.




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