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The Wolf Among Us VOL 2 – Graphic Novel Review

Written by: Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus.

Artist: Travis Moore, Joelle Jones, Shawn McManus, Megan Levens, Eric Nguyen, Christopher Mitten, Steve Sadowski and Andrew Pepoy.

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Letterers: Sal Cipriano, Tom Napolitano, Marilyn Patrizio

Cover Art: Chrissie Zullo

The Wolf Among Us Vol 2 is a graphic novel, based on the acclaimed Telltale Game of the same name and the fables graphic novel series. It kicks off from where the Wolf Among Us Vol 1 left us off as Sheriff Bigby Wolf (Big Bad Wolf) gets closer to catching the killer.

I loved The Wolf Among Us Vol 1 but I loved this one even more, for me the story got more interesting with the added Bloody Mary back story (which part of me liked more than the Wolf Among Us Story). The twist and turns of this story are unexpected (Like the ending which gives me hope that we’ll get more Bigby in the future).

There are a few extra characters in this story and I loved the bad guys as much as the good guys because there was just something about them that I found charming. The Bloody Mary back story does give me much more sympathy for her.

When I was flicking through the pages and saw that some of the art style was different from The Wolf Among Us Vol 1; I didn’t really take to it at first but as I started reading it, I actually liked the different art styles. The big Bloody Mary Vs Bigby Wolf scene was my favourite part of the graphic novel and I found it to be very well illustrated. I also loved the different colour palates the artist used for the different times periods.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this Graphic Novel, I loved it as much as the first one but I will say that if you’re going to read this I would read the Wolf Among Us Vol 1 first because it helps to understand the story more.

Highly recommend to anyone who likes their Supernatural dramas or just like a good crime story.




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