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La Cage Aux Folles UK Tour


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La cage aux folles is the story about two gay men, Georges and Albin, Georges owns a night club called La Cage Aux Folles and Albin performs there in drag as Zaza. When Georges son decides to get married to Ann, Georges and Albin find themselves in trouble with Ann’s visiting parents being very conservative and hating gays.

I wanted to see it when I heard the Broadway soundtrack with Kelsey Grammar and Douglas Hodge, so once I found out it was embarking on its first ever UK tour, I had to go and see it. It was most definitely worth it.

The acting was top class, the men acted very feminine by the way they held themselves. I loved Adrian Zmed and Marti Webb as Georges and but I found that John Partridge stole the show as Albin and as Zaza, it was if the role was made for him. His performance just blew me away.

I loved how simple the story, I sometimes find that musicals have big complicated stories, what makes this simple story better is the laugh out loud comedy and the good time you will have, I was rocking in my seat from start to finish and at one point I started squeaking with laughter.

The costumes were glorious with enough glitter to make them sparkle like a diamond. I loved most of the costumes especially Zaza’s peacock dress. The men were very convincing in their costumes and if I went to see the show without knowing they men, I would think that they were women.

The songs are easy to get stuck in your head, the tunes are so simple to remember. When it came to John Partridge singing his big number (I am what I am) he out did himself and I loved the different emotions he put into the song, one moment he was angry and the next he was quite sad.

I would definitely recommend this musical and to go to see it as soon as you can. (I wasn’t even out of the theatre when I wanted to go and see it again).



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