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RENT UK Tour – Theatre Review


Mark Cohen – Billy Cullum

Roger Davis – Ross Hunter

Tom Collins – Ryan O’Gorman

Benjamin Coffin lll – Javar La’trail Parker

Angel Schunard – Layton Williams

Mimi Marquez – Philippa Stefani

Maureen Johnson – Lucie Jones

Joanne Jefferson – Shanay Holmes


Rent, is set in the 80s and is follows 8 friends struggling to survive and make a life for themselves in New York under the shadows of HIV/AIDS. The musical spectacular written by Jonathan Larson and is loosely based on Puccini’s La Boehme.

I was very excited to learn that Rent would be embarking on a UK tour, I had watched the film and listened to the soundtrack, so I knew what was to be expected and this production did not disappoint.

The actors brought every character to life and put a lot of feeling into what they were doing, even some of the extras stole the show. The songs leave the audience increasingly wanting more. I fell in love with every one of the actors. I loved the choreography for Angel when she was singing ‘Today 4 u.’ It also surprised me how this cast sounded a lot like the original broadway cast.

The set was very simple and left it to the audience’s imagination, (which is one of the things I prefer about musical theatre). I also liked how the actors played some of the instruments as well.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this production, it met my expectations.

I loved everything about it and every Rent Head should definitely go and see this fantastic production.




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2 thoughts on “RENT UK Tour – Theatre Review

  1. I am a Rent fan who is going to be seeing the US tour in September when it tours to Charlotte. I have never seen it live before, but have seen the film of the final Broadway cast, but never actually seen it live as an audience member. So literally five years after first falling with Rent by listening to the songs through Pandora, I am seeing the musical


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