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The Commitments UK Tour – Theatre Review

The Saviours Of Soul


Deco – Brain Gilligan

Jimmy – Andrew Linnie

Jimmy’s dad/Caretaker – Kevin Kennedy

Billy/Dave – John Currivan

Dean – Padraig Dooney

Mickah – Sam Fordham

Outspan – Christian James

Joey the Lips – Alex McMorran

Derek – Peter Mooney

Natalie – Amy Penston

Imelda – Leah Penston

Bernie – Christina Tedders

James – Rhys Whitfield

On Friday evening, I had the pleasure seeing The Commitments in Cardiff Bay. I watched the film and was quite interested to see how they transitioned it to a musical.

Set in 80s Ireland, the story follows Jimmy as he sets out to form his own band but singing soul music at the time when the genre was sang by black Americans. The story itself is very simple and easy to follow but I found myself wanting a bit more added to it. For me the real story stopped at the audition scene and was just about the music from then.

The singing blew me away and had me tapping my foot throughout, there were even times where I had to restrain myself from singing and dancing. The opening is very energetic and keeps the electrifying performances keep on going throughout the whole musical. I also liked how some of the actors played the instruments as well.

The comedy had me rocking throughout and there was a bit of drama here and there but it was mostly a feel-good feeling. I did feel like it ended abruptly but it makes up for it with the rocking encore that had the whole theatre on their feet.

The only thing that I really didn’t like about it, was that I found it hard to understand what the actors were saying sometimes with their Irish accents.

This musical experience is not to be missed and I would recommend it to anyone who loves their soul music or needs a good night out.




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